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  Game Description and Instructions
MEET WHOOPEE CUSHNER Anna Cushner loved practical jokes. If she could get a laugh by playing a trick on you, she'd do it in a heartbeat. Then she blew up a pouch and stuck it under a friend as he sat down. Bad move. Who's laughing now, funny girl? huh? The pouch, that's who.

Added: 3757 days ago | Plays: 23642 | Comments: 2

  Game Description and Instructions
MEET LEAKY LOUIE Maybe Lewis PJ Brown was just trying to have fun with his little sister. Maybe he was showing off. Who cares? Fact is, he got poke-happy with the pouch. Wanna know what happened? The pouch aired him out with some new holes of his own, that's what happened.

Added: 3757 days ago | Plays: 21604 | Comments: 2
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